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In Brazil there are hundreds of indigenous groups who have a particular language, social organization, philosophy, way of life, art and music. They live in all regions of Brazil and the Americas, in urban environments or in forests, in demarcated indigenous lands or in roadside encampments. Even though they live throughout this territory that precedes the National States, the non-indigenous population has little contact with the ideas of these peoples, their filmmakers, their artists and their thinkers.

Through feature films, fiction, short films, animations and documentaries indigenous filmmakers have been fighting with the camera in hand. Showing the point of view of those who are rarely seen, they film us and themselves, changing the narrative and provoking us to feel our feets on the ground. They articulate centuries long colonial conflicts with their philosophical, visual and even emotional conceptions, producing films that are a manifest of a lost world, but also of a world to come.

Realizing this, we began to organize ourselves to connect and put into dialogue these various images, philosophies, ways of thinking and understanding the world. We started the Mostra Tela Indígena as an extension project from students of Social Sciences and Anthropology who exhibited films in the University’s Cinema from UFRGS. And now it will continue in the Cinemateca Capitólio, a space not only historical, but also a point of resistance in the city of Porto Alegre. In the sessions, we will invite the indigenous film directors, stimulating the exchange of ideas between these artists and the general public. Between the film sessions, debates will be organized with indigenous thinkers, political leaders, artists and filmmakers. Thus, during the week of the Mostra, the Capitólio becomes an indigenous territory, with performances, works of art and indigenous music. And of course, the exhibition of the films.

The III Mostra Tela Indígena will be a space of connection between viewpoints. We invite indigenous and non-indigenous filmmakers to send us their work. We do not encourage the competition between films, but to spread the richness of each one of them.





  • To disseminate films produced by indigenous people or with indigenous theme.

  • To promote the meeting and exchange of knowledge between different indigenous peoples among themselves and with non-indigenous peoples.

  • To discuss the historical and sociopolitical panorama of indigenous peoples in the Americas through the film language.

  • To get to know indigenous philosophies and ways of life through the dialogue with invited thinkers.

  • To offer places to indigenous artists and cultural producers, in order to stimulate new artistic productions in the future.




The III Mostra Indígena will take place between 13 and 17 of Setember 2018, at the Cinemateca Capitólio, in Porto Alegre - Brazil. The date is still subject to change.




The registered films must be produced by indigenous filmmakers or be about this issue, even if filmmakers are non-indigenous. We emphasize, however, that the Mostra Tela Indígena gives preference to indigenous filmmakers to publicize their works in this space. The Mostra receives short, medium and feature films, either animated or live action. The Mostra Tela Indígena accepts movies from across the Americas. The films don’t need to be unpublished and may be available online. The minimum resolution accepted for selected productions of the III Mostra Tela Indígena will be 720p, however the curatorship will give preference to productions with 1080p resolution or higher.




The inscriptions for the III Mostra Tela Indígena will be opened on April 10 th 2018 and will be closed at 11:59 pm on June  10 th 2018.




The registration is free, and can be done through the website

Registration is done by completing the Registration Form available on the website.


The copy of the film for the selection will be send by a PRIVATE LINK, using any video hosting platform (such as YouTube / Vimeo / GoogleDrive / etc.), as informed in the Application Form.


The responsible for registering the filme have to be the producer of the film, as well as the director or any person authorized by them.




The films must have subtitles in Portuguese, Spanish OR English. If the film is selected, it will be the responsibility of the producers of the film to send the exhibition copy containing subtitles in Portuguese until a period determined by the organizers of the Mostra.




The registered films will be selected by the team of curators of the Mostra Tela Indígena.

The curatorial team of the III Mostra Tela Indígena is allowed to invite non-registered films to the Mostra.

The III Mostra Tela Indígena is not competitive.

After selected, the exhibition copies should be sent to an address informed by the production of the Mostra on physical digital media (HDs / PenDrives / etc.). The costs of sending the exhibition copy will be entirely responsibility of the producers of the selected film. The return of the copies will be the responsibility of the Mostra production.

The directors of the selected films agree on the use of frames, excerpts, images and sounds from the works to publicize them.


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